Portugal Tech Week returns for its 2nd edition and expects to host more than 200 events in its schedule


The biggest innovation festival in Portugal will take place from the 12th to the 22nd of November and plans to promote more than 200 events across the country-

Portugal Tech Week is back for its second edition, maintaining its ambition of being one of the biggest innovation festivals in the world. This initiative, which in 2022 had more than 100 events held in 9 cities, 90 organizing entities, 2500 platform users and 5300 page views, aims to surpass these numbers in 2023.

Taking place from the 12th to the 22nd of November, this year the project will feature something new in its way of organizing events: it will have several curators and ambassadors.

The curators are experts from the most diverse industries, who will be responsible for attracting events related to the festival’s 8 major topics. Ambassadors are people with great local influence, responsible for attracting events to their cities. Anyone can apply to play an active role in this initiative by filling out the form available on the website.

In 2022, Portugal Tech Week was supported by 14 actors from the local ecosystem and it was considered a pledge of the European Commission, under the “Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition” category.

This year, the organization believes that Portugal Tech Week 2023 will surpass the numbers of the first edition and reaffirms its commitment to this project, which has a tangible impact on the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“In 2023, we intend to achieve even better results than in the first edition. Our objective of putting Portugal on the world map of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology remains unchanged, and we count on several partners to support us in this mission. We believe that we can make a difference in the Portuguese ecosystem and generate greater interest from businesses, not only boosting national companies and entrepreneurs, but also facilitating international connections and partnerships, thus promoting the economy and visibility of our country”, says Apo Zedeh , one of  the Portugal Tech Week project managers.

As in the previous edition, any entity can submit their event free of charge, as long as it is related to the themes of the initiative, particularly in the technology and innovation sector. Events are accepted in various formats that promote networking, knowledge and sharing.

The objective of the festival is to promote a culture of cooperation and mutual assistance, taking advantage of the theme of major events such as the Web Summit, which brings together people from all over the world around their passion for innovation, technology and business.

This is an initiative of the 351 Portuguese Startup Association, the largest startup community in Portugal, with more than 1500 members, and has the support of several actors, both local, such as Startup Portugal, Lisboa Unicorn Capital, Unicorn Factory, Hub Creativo do Beato, Startup Lisboa, ScaleUp Porto, Uptec, Nova SBE, Startup Leria, IPN, Move to Fundão, Set.Up Guimarães, BGI Fábrica de Startups, ESOP, Lispolis and Tecmaia, as well as international ones, such as Ioasys (technology development partner), the EU Digital Skills & Jobs Coalition and will soon have the first version of its programming revealed.

Organizations interested in submitting events and experts who would like to be curators or ambassadors can submit their requests through the festival’s official platform: www.portugaltechweek.com

About the 351 Portuguese Startup Association
The Portuguese Startup Association is the largest and most active startup community in Portugal, with more than 1500 members. It is responsible for 10 projects, including Portugal Tech Week, an initiative that aims to consolidate Portugal as one of the main global hubs for technology and innovation.


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