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We are committed to help startups succeed by providing them everything they need to excel, from providing free training & +700.000K in perks until connecting them with the right investors and corporate partners.

To do that we support startups through memberships, that can be either free or paid. 351 Startups also initiated / supports a bunch of projects with the end goal of helping founders to do better.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, we’re here to help you succeed.


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Carolina Kia (Bud)

"When I brought bud, my own startup to Portugal, I was strongly advised to join 351 Portuguese Startup Association in order to network and get to know the ecosystem, and it couldn’t work out better. I’ve joined the community and attended every single event they promoted and nowadays I am very well connected into the ecosystem."


Free membership​

This tier is focused into early stage startups that haven’t got investment yet, and it offers:

  • Latest informed about the latest news and events from 351 Startups
  • Access to 351 Community: connect with other 1600 members, alongside with startups, investors, and corporate partners at our online community.*
  • Limited access to our perks offer*

* Subject to approval.  Your startup need to meet certain criteria, in order to be eligible for perks and access to 351 Portuguese Startup Community

Paid association​

The paid association is focused into later stage startups, and it offers everything from the free tier, plus:

  • Becoming an associated member from 351 Portuguese Startup Association, being able to vote into the association’s future
  • Access to our “Ecosystem Gurus”, who will help you with the right connections and recommendations of programs
  • Education and training: Discounts at our workshops, courses and paid events
  • Mentoring and advices from experts in several industries to learn the skills you need to succeed
  • Access to funding: Find the funding you need to grow your business through our network of investors*
  • Access to market: Grow internationally through the network of our corporate partners*

*351 Startups will indicate the investors and corporate that your business will have more fit with, but we cannot guarantee neither investment or business flow

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