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351 Portuguese Startup Community was born in 2019 as a grassroots movement to bring together founders and ecosystem players. We built the first truly open space, where startups and ecosystem actors could have access to each other, even if they didn’t belong to a closed community, such as being part of an accelerator or an investor program.

As 351 Startups evolved, its members started working together to give back to the ecosystem. After almost 4 years of existence, 351 Startups has become the largest and most active Startup Community in Portugal, gathering +1600 members between startups, companies, investors, and accelerator managers, with at least 2 weekly activities taking place in Portugal. We manage more than 70 volunteers and support +10 national initiatives for founders and ecosystem players.

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Started or Managed by 351 Startups

These are the projects that 351 Startups started and are either led by 351 Startups itself or by its community members.

Supported by 351 Startups

These are the projects that were started outside of 351 Startups  and were embraced by the community, being very important to the ecosystem and even have 351 Startups members as volunteers.

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