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Who makes 351 Startups?

Established in 2019, 351 Startups brings together founders and ecosystem players, providing an open space for collaboration.

Due to exceptional growth, we decided, in September 2022, to formalise our structure in an NGO. Today, we are the Portuguese Startup Association, solidifying our position as one of the country’s biggest support structures for entrepreneurs.

Withe over 1600 members, we are the largest and most active Startup Community in Portugal, including startups, companies, investors, and accelerator managers. Our weekly activities and 15+ national initiatives contribute to the thriving entrepreneurial landscape.

351 Startups is backed by several founders & ecosystem players.

Meet Our Team

Fernando Jardim

+7 years of experience in innovation, have worked at Beta-i, Lisbon City Council and now has its own startup.

Elisa Tarzia

Experienced events and marketing professional, has organised countless Startups, Venture Capital & PE conferences in Europe and tech events worldwide.

Cíntia Costa

8+ years working in Marketing, has organised internal and external corporate events, created content in different formats and managed several communities.

João Tourinho

Has worked for many accelerators and managed large innovation programs such as one of the largest programs in Brazil: BNDES Garagem.

Pedro Rocha

Pedro is an experience founder and ecosystem builder who has been through major programs such as Startup Lisboa, Demium Startups and also involved in many volunteer initiatives

Isabel Carapeta

Isabel is a growth advisor for venture studios, entrepreneurs, funds and large corporations in Europe, UK & US. She scouts and helps startups strategise, optimise operations, and ultimately innovate in their fields.

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