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Are you looking for the next disruptive startups?

351 Portuguese Startup Association owns the largest startup community / database in Portugal, with over 1,600 members and 15 national initiatives.

With our deep knowledge of the Portuguese startup ecosystem, we have been helping governments, companies, and investors work with startups and attract tech talent to their companies and regions.

Success case


Estonia would like to attract startups and digital nomads to its main side event at the Web Summit, and due to the intense event competition at this time, this is a hard task to accomplish.

351 Startups has partnered with Enterprise Estonia to make sure they would reach their targeted audience. In that sense, 351 Startups co-branded the event with them, highlighted it as one of the main events at Portugal Tech Week and curated targeted invitations.

The results? One of the most successful events ever in terms of event attendance! 351 Startups brought +250 high qualified registrations from startup founders and digital nomads!

Startup matchmaking service

The 351 Portuguese Startup Association is the largest startup community and database in Portugal, with over 1,600 members and 15 national initiatives. We can match you with the startups that best fit your business challenges.


Are you releasing a new startup initiative, conference or project and don’t have yet the required recognition / skills / team / knowledge / communication power to do so?

As long as startups / tech sector can benefit from your project, 351 Startups can support the development of your initiative, being the local partner,  facilitating contacts, and business opportunities. 351 Startups can also co-brand the project and leverage its communications channels to build traction for that initiative

Innovation / Tech Workshops

Looking to enhance your team’s innovation and technical skills? Our Innovation / Tech Workshops offer hands-on learning experiences, empowering your employees with the latest industry knowledge and tools.

Explore emerging technologies, learn how to work with startups,  dive into data analytics, or master agile methodologies through comprehensive training sessions tailored to your organization’s needs.

Our experienced facilitators foster collaboration and creativity, guiding your team from ideation to implementation. Gain a competitive edge and unlock new possibilities for growth and development with our transformative workshops.

Talent Attraction & Branding

Attracting top talent is crucial in today’s competitive job market.

Let 351 Portuguese Startup Association help you build a strong talent attraction and branding strategy that positions your company / region as the place to be.

Our expertise in the startup ecosystem and deep understanding of the tech industry enable us to craft compelling branding narratives and implement targeted recruitment campaigns.

Leverage our network and recruitment channels to engage with qualified candidates who align with your company culture / region style of life.

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