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351 Portuguese Startup Community was born in 2019 as a grassroots movement to bring together founders and ecosystem players. We built the first truly open space, where startups and ecosystem actors could have access to each other, even if they didn't belong to a closed community, such as being part of an accelerator or an investor programme.

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5 Benefits of Volunteering to 351 Startups

Drive high impact into the ecosystem: Volunteering with the 351 Portuguese Startup Association offers the chance to drive high impact projects in Portugal’s startup ecosystem. As the largest and most active community, we support individuals with all the resources they would need in their giving back initiatives, fostering meaningful contributions. Join us to make a real difference and leave a lasting positive impact in the startup community.

Expanding Network & Contacts: Being part of the 351 Startups volunteer team allows individuals to expand their network within the startup community in Portugal. Interacting with fellow volunteers, founders, companies, investors, and accelerator managers can lead to valuable connections and potential career opportunities.

Recognition and Appreciation: 351 Startups is highly recognized in the Portuguese Ecosystem as the promoter of high impact projects. Volunteers are vital to the success of 351 Startups, and their contributions are recognized and appreciated within the community. Being acknowledged for their efforts and dedication can be a rewarding and motivating experience.

Professional Development: Volunteering with 351 Startups offers a unique opportunity for individuals to develop their professional skills and gain valuable experience in the startup ecosystem. Whether it’s in event management, marketing, community outreach, or leadership roles, volunteers can acquire new skills and enhance their existing ones.

Access to Exclusive Events and Resources: Volunteers at 351 Startups may have access to exclusive events, workshops, and resources organized by the association, further enriching their knowledge and exposure to the startup world.

How can you volunteer / Start a project with 351 Startups
  • Start an initiative with 351 Startups. This is how several initiatives such as Startup Grind Lisbon, Coworking Thursdays, Portugal Tech Week and others have started
  • Join 351 Startups’s moderators team and help us with the skills you master, such as marketing, sales, partnerships, development, etc
  • Join the teams of one of the 351 Startups’s initiated or supported initiatives
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